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You have found your dream job, now you have to prove that you are worthy.

We understand the pain of rushing to prepare for technical interviews and the stress that comes with job applications. Sign in and Message us for support.

Our mission is to help you be more effective at studying and get more work done.

Remember first step back and think through the question. Come up with edge cases, test cases before diving into code.

Remember to always start with pseudo code. Walk your interviewer through your thought process before coding.

Always write pseudo code first

Uniqtech Guide to Technical Interviews - Python

Author: Uniqtech Co.

No need to memorize interview questions

There are simply too many questions to go through and practice. Mixed with stress and time limit in interview setting, it is a formula for disaster.

If we all had aunts and uncles who can program like gods, we would have to known to get better GPA's in our college data structure and algorithms classes. Or may be we should have started practicing on Leetcode last year.

What if we tell you data structure & algorithms interview questions can be solved with common coding patterns. Once you recognize these patterns, through practice, instead of learning 600 questions, you can now focus on learning 10-20 big patterns, each can solve 10+ questions. This will save you time and reduce your stress.

Let’s get started with this journey.

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